7 Responses to villians

  1. ? says:

    41 year old neckpain is planning to make slaves for him. lots of slaves. he even forced his younger brother who is 32 to be a slave.
    But they eventully formed a allaince to basiclly kill george jon and dan

  2. ? says:

    codeman the younger brother of neck pain had a possesion to DESTROY THE WORLD and only bring his brother with him. (he is more evil than neckpain) so codeman wanted all these diffrent parts to build somthing that will sell for billions, than with the billions of dollars and his own money he will buy a spaceship blast off in space with his brother than he will have his huge bobmb and the ship will launch it streight twords earth blowing up the world. if he saw this he would be angry angry alright.

  3. ? says:

    dr kidnap is the villan that kidnaps george jon and dans friends but george jon and dans friends manage to escape. dr kidnap can have the best suprize attacks ever. he is enemys with codeman and neckpain, also with george jon and dan.

  4. ? says:

    drake is a evil scientist guy who almost destroyed George. Drake lives in the land of nod and he is like the main villan there.

  5. Bob says:

    The villains seem evil, I think I recognize the dr kidnap one!!!!

  6. Asher says:


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