DR. kidnap Vs the Hero team
by:George read an amazing story by me George!!!!!!!!!!!!
George stared at the blazing window gleaming in his face, he was laying in his bed bored to death. So he decided to call Jon and Dan. Jon and Dan answered with some bad news. They had heard that someone kidnapped Georges brother Tom. Tom was 9 1 year younger than George. George was shocked and grabbed his laptop and did some research. Jon and Dan came over 15 minutes later. George tried the map of the town, he decided he had to call the po po. Well Dan actully decided that because he always liked calling police po po. Once they came over Jon said somthing “why are there only 2 of you?”
“because we are father and son, our names are_ George and Dan inturrupted at the same time, james bond chris rock?
“no we are Jonny and bobsol we know who kidnapped your brother it was dr kidnap he is a evil mad crazy kidnapper that kidnapps in smart times”
“wow” gasped Dan in amazement. Just then it hit George: dr. kidnap had to be hiding somewhere very secret very very very dirty. The sewer. The most hideous, gross place on earth. I mean where else would he hide?
“guys dr kidnap has to be in the sewer i mean where else could he be?”
“hmm you might be right” whispered a voice behind them. It was a guy with a knife, he was a killer a angry killer who wanted to do the most horrible things ever. “i am not afraid to use my weapons kids. scram”
no one moved a inch. Because in everybodys hand contained a sword.”Men come one in” the killer snickered. Just then what seemed like 500 men came crashing thrue the streets of the outside world. People from all over were gasping but no one dared to call the police. or lets just say po po.
All of them where scared to death and had no idea what to do. Dan whispered a master plan to everyone. The plan was punch the guys around them and jump in the sewer to save tom. Once everyone jumped into the rotten sewer to saftey they saw a guy in the distance with a white lab coat and brown evil cunning eyes. Every single person knew who it was. Dr kidnap dun dun dun. Poor tom was tied to rope forced to give dr kidnap his wallet and his rare gold he had in his pocket when he was kidnapped. “stop right where you re weird hair dude” shouted Jon quickly grabbing his sword and fighting dr kidnap. George ran to untie Tom while the rest of the people joined in to help fight dr kidnap. dr kidnap was strong, he almost knocked Bobsol out. SMASH BOOM dr kidnap lie there not dead but knocked out. George Jon and Dan threw him into the sewer water where he would never come back in a few months, plus he would have no idea where he is. Everyone returned home safely. George Jon and Dan made friends with Jonny and Bobsol plus they got his buisness card. So everything turned out great. but is there more bad people like this just hiding in the shadows?

George Jon and Dan with Jonny and Bobsol vs. Neck pain and his men. By George again, i probaly am going to write every story you see here.
George Jon Dan Jonny and Bobsol were hanging out when they heard a crash on there window. “ahhhhhhhhhhhh” screamed Everybody as 5 people in gas masks tryed to kill them. George Jon and Dan pulled out there swords and were going to fight when The weirdos with the gas masks pulled out tazers. The whole room was fogged. The battle was on. The playing was over. Finally 3 men remained standing wiped out. Rapidly George charged at one when it was resting. We know what happened to him. He fell out the window. Dont put in so much details. 2 Standed. Quickly Jonny shot them with his dart gun and they didnt even move. Jonny was tackeled. Just then he remembered a training thing. He did a back flip ending up kicking the guy out the window. classic. There was finally 1 guy left. Bobsol and Dan quickly punched him out the window. “what was that all about” questioned Dan in amazement.
“well sonny that was a terriost attack. Theres gonna be more of these guys trying to do this to not just us but other people in town. ! person is behind this. Not dr kidnap, he couldent afford all of this if his secret base would be in a sewer” explained Bobsol.
“your probaly right!!” exclaimed Dan. So it would have to be………… a new enemy”
“yeah” shouted Jon. “lets go dance to gangnam style, were 11, last year we did it a million times, lets do it again!”
“sure” everyone else said in exitement.
After they danced to gangnam style all of them went out for ice cream. When they where walking to the ice cream shop all of them saw the gas masked people all around. People were screaming, it was a riot. The gas masked people pulled Dan and Jon away as fast as they could. George shoved the gas masked guy but it was no use. So George and Jonny and Bobsol followed them. The gas masked guy had no choice but to let them in, once he opened the door he vanished. The three of them scurried down seeing a man with a gas mask and a dagger. Everyone knew that was the boss. He had a whole suit that said boss and no one else did.
“come here” yelled bobsol charging at the gas masked guy with his fists out. BAM POW CRACK Bobsol did somthing alright, he was strong enough to knock the guys metal suit off so he was just a beefy guy with a dagger. Quickly jonny punched the gas masked guy, making him in a pinch of pain and quickly grabbed Jon and Dan and the three of them scurried back. George and Bobsol were fighting the guy who called himself neck pain. Just then the alarms went off. 500 gas masked men came out of the shadows. Bobsol dropped his jaw. Jonny pulled out a gas bomb.
“were did you get that guy from?” questioned George
“oh just my dads base!” bragged Jonny as he threw the bomb and told everyone to get out.
“uh Jonny the gas bomb only knocked out one guy”
“i know” he replied pulling out five dart guns. “aim it at there suits guys”
Everyone shot darts like crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
At the end everyone finally got there ice cream.

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