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  1. George says:

    were going to make more George Jon and Dan videos with some extra videos to. We might take a break from George Jon and Dan but then return to George Jon and Dan.

  2. George says:

    Were making George Jon and Dan with characters like James from incredible adventures. Also Tom from Toms adventures.

  3. George says:

    Comment and tell us what your favirote character is! George Jon Dan Jonny Tom or James.

  4. Asher says:

    subscribe to our new channel called asherandgeorgefilms!!! remember tune in to see our website, we are going to make our videos better and better we just need you for it!

  5. georgeasher says:

    we are going to make t- shirts and caps for the adventurers! we have short sleeve shirts long sleeve and caps tune in for more!

  6. George says:

    We are Gonna make a George Jon and Dan Book!!!

    • we are taking a new start for asherandgeorgefilms, the website and the channel, this time tell more people about this website and the channel. we are gonna put alvin and the chip g style soon. so enjoy again 🙂

      remember we need views !!!!!!!!!!
      tell your friends to tell your friends to subscirbe 🙂

  7. George says:

    Some time soon we are going to publish a George Jon and Dan book. I am finished with the first one called the kidnapping ransom but it is not out there yet. The second book is going to be called Adventureproof, the third one is going to be called the miraculas mysterys. Sorry for my spelling errors.I don’t know how many books there are going to be yet.

  8. Asher says:

    This is Asher just saying that we can’t see each other as often but i’m trying to do minecraft stuff on youtube a lot

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