Behind the scenes

Asher and me have to do a lot of work for our videos, I mean, I write the script, after we film Asher edits on imovie, i Go home waiting for episodes to be posted on youtube. Because later on I might be able to edit the movies using his password and username on youtube, which i do. i also can edit a little but asher is the main editer.

For are films we dont have that many props. we dont really have lines of what to say, we wing it out there, but we know what we are going to do. I mean if episodes dont come for a while its because one of us are busy i mean think about it a kid is somtimes always busy with clubs and school. but we have time to make ashergeorgefilms, and this website. We might make small mistakes like posting episodes out of order or somthing like that. Ignore those mistakes, were young directors we make mistakes!
we also have other serises like toms adventures and incredible adventures on our channel.
We will post some trailers. Also we need people to say what they want us to do. Come to ashergeorgefilms to watch videos. again come to ashergeorefilms see how it is. We are the owners of George Jon and Dan now!!!

Here is a quick sumary about the land of Nods creatures:

There are creepy monsters in the land of nod. Like  the robindacte, also the lava monster, there are way more but these are just 2 out of 1,000 diffrent beasts. Humans can be born in the land of nod…… but they are considered not humans. Anything can happen in the land of nod. It is a happy place with cool things and a sad place with terrible beasts that can do terrible things.

It’s so easy and fun to create all of this……… it just takes a brain and creative ideas than you have it.

2 Responses to Behind the scenes

  1. Tom says:

    You guys are awesome!!!! Who ever thought of two young directors and writers, George is George Lucas, Asher is Steven speilberg you guys are awesome

  2. auntjudyp says:

    Wow, I love hearing about how things work behind the scenes, thank you for this! It’s so amazing that you guys have time to do all this And go to school, And do your homework. Plus you are creating other series on this channel–You guys really do rock! Looking forward to being entertained by AsherandGeorgeFilms!

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