George is a writer and he was the one who created the George Jon and Dan stories. George likes creating movies.

Asher likes to create movies. He also likes to play the Guitar and listen to Gangnam style.


George likes to write like his creator. Also he is a adventurer and George likes to adventure.

Dan is a funny guy, he likes to play soccer, he is defintly a daredevil kind of guy.

Jon is a spy dude. he likes to play locross and he likes math.. 75 percent.

Jonny is a discoverer he tries to find rare artifacts with his dad and he has fun with it. plus he gets to skip school for 2 days a week!

Bobsol is a trained csi agent ready to be your loyal client to serve justice for this planet. sounds like a cool job huh.

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  1. Asher says:

    also check out our other website: the4adventurers.wordpress.com

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